Trustee for Gordon Moody Association

Janine Edwards, Head of Consultancy and Development at the FSI is a Trustee for Gordon Moody Association.


When did you become a trustee?

I became a trustee in 2012

What does Gordon Moody Association do?

Gordon Moody Association is a charity that provides help and support to addicted and compulsive gamblers.  We provide a residential treatment service, and an outreach support programme to UK gamblers and online advice, information and support to gamblers outside the UK.

Why did you become a trustee?

There were a mix of motivations.  At the FSI I support lots of organisations with their governance and strategic development and it was important for me to understand Trusteeship and good governance in practice, not just in theory.  I also wanted to develop my skills and gain new experience to support my career development and taking on a Trustee role was a fantastic way to do this.  Finally I also had a personal interest in the work of the charity which led me to being a Trustee specifically for Gordon Moody Association.

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