Is being a trustee the role for you?

Thank You Trustees – Become a Trustee.

Thank You!

The role of a a trustee is vital to ensuring our charities are managed to the highest standard, promoting transparency, ensuring good governance and driving our charities forward.  We need trustees’ from all walks of life to make sure our charities reflect the communities that they serve, to ensure different approaches are promoted and that complacency is challenged.

Many charity trustees’ dedicate their free time to sitting on Trustee boards, using skills they have developed in their professional lives to give back to the communities they live in.

To those people from all backgrounds, we say thank you.

On the pages below you can find information about what makes a good trustee, read some articles and interviews with serving trustees’ to understand the demands and variations to the roles or take our personality quiz to understand how your personality traits can add benefit to a charity.

Stories – A collection of articles promoting trusteeship.


Are you interested in becoming a trustee?

One of the complaints we regularly hear from charities is that they struggle to attract trustees’ with the necessary professional skills to help them deliver the governance of their charities and give oversight to projects the charities are running.

Being a trustee is a great way to help you develop your own professional experience, giving you experience in a governance role and sitting on a board.  Years of experience isn’t a requirement, just a passion for the charity and the desire to share your skills.

The professional experience many charities need in trustee roles include.

  • Finance and Accountancy
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Project Management
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing and Communications

Many roles only require a commitment of 5 to 10 hours a month and the ability to attend a trustee board meetings on occasion.

If you are interested more about the role of trustees click on the below links.