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Please note on the stats below: the regulators keep different statistics, so it is not always possible to compare the same information across the piece.

England & Wales Trustee Statistics from Charity Commission in England and Wales
Registered charities – 165,000
Number of individual trustees – 850,000, covering 950,000 positions
Young trustees (aged 16-34) – 83,000
Average age – 59

One registered charity per 348 people; one trustee per 68 people
Scotland Trustee Statistics from Scottish Regulator OSCR
Registered charities – 24,115
Number of individual trustees – an estimated 180,000

One registered charity per 220 people, one trustee per 32 people
Northern Ireland Trustee statistics from Charity Commission Northern Ireland:
Registered charities – just under 5,000
Number of individual trustees – 29,637, covering 32,500 positions
Women – 14,575 (49.18%)
Men – 15,062 (50.82%)
Young trustees (aged 16-34) – 2,611
Average age – 55

One registered charity per 360 people; one trustee per 61 people

(all NI figures reflect the data as of August 2016 – check with the Charity Commission Northern Ireland for a more up to date picture).

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