Celebrating Trusteeship

The role of a a trustee is vital to ensuring our charities are managed to the highest standard, promoting transparency, ensuring good governance and driving out charities forward.  We need trustees’ from all walks of life to make sure our charities reflect the communities that they serve, to ensure different approaches are promoted and that complacency is challenged.

On the pages below you can find information about what makes a good trustee, read some articles and interviews with serving trustees’ to understand the demands and variations to the roles or take our personality quiz to understand how your personality traits can add benefit to a charity.

Stories – A collection of articles promoting trusteeship.

There are approximately 196,000 charities in the UK (167,000 charities in England and Wales, 24,000 in Scotland, 5,000 registered in Northern Ireland).

And just over 1 million trustees (of which some 850,000 are in England and Wales, 180,000 in Scotland and 30,000 in Northern Ireland)

From NCVO and CCNI research, we know just under half the UK’s trustees are women.

The average trustee in England and Wales is 59 years old, and 55 in Northern Ireland.

There are many young trustees too with some 86,000 trustee positions held by 16-34 year olds (of which 2,611 in Northern Ireland).