Inspired by friend’s vision, Trustee for Breast Cancer charity Pretty ‘n’ Pink Limited

Paula Colhoun, aged 40, is trustee of Northern Ireland breast cancer charity Pretty ‘n’ Pink Limited, (NIC102659).

When did you become a trustee?

I became a trustee in January 2013.

What does Pretty ‘n’ Pink do?

Founded in 2006 by Belfast woman Noleen Adair, Pretty ‘n’ Pink operates within Northern Ireland and is run by a very small team of people and local volunteers from across the province.We provide financial and other support services to patients with breast cancer and their families through a charitable support fund, social outings, and an online support group. The charity also helps advance education of breast cancer awareness and breast care awareness through information provided on the website and from literature produced and distributed by the charity.

Why did you become a trustee?

The main reason is that it Pretty ‘n’ Pink was started by my best friend Noleen Adair, and Noeleen had wanted people that she trusted, and who shared her passion for the charity, to help lead it. Noeleen inspired me to want to continue her legacy, and I had witnessed the impact that Pretty ‘n’ Pink had on some of the breast cancer patients that had been helped.

How do you make sure you are being effective/ doing a good job – both individually and as a board?

We regularly review the progress of the charity against objectives as a board through monthly board meetings and daily/weekly communication between trustees and the team.
There are many different skill sets (nursing, legal, financial, marketing etc) within the board so we try to allocate tasks to take advantage of people’s expertise
We are also very sensitive to the vision of the charity and ensure that it adheres to ‘Noleen’s vision’. As long as we are doing this, and making a positive difference to patient’s lives, then we are performing well.
On a personal level, I help out when I can as a volunteer in both the charity shop and ad hoc events. This gives me great insight into what do well, and what we can improve on.

What’s been the best thing about being a trustee so far?

Being part of something that Noleen loved and lived for, as well as exceeding £1million pounds over the last 10 years in fundraising.

What’s the hardest thing been?

When we lost Noleen in 2014, and, just last month, we lost Geri, another of our beloved trustees to cancer. It spurs us on even more as a team to continue and progress, as the ladies would want us to.

Would you recommend it?

Without a doubt!