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My story: Virginia, Raleigh International

Virginia shares her views and experiences of being a trustee as part of our series of Trustees Stories.

I first volunteered with Raleigh International 5 years ago in Nepal, leading a group of young volunteers from Nepal and the UK.

After 4 months in Nepal with Raleigh I left feeling inspired and motivated by the incredible impact the charity’s work has, both on the communities we work with, and on the young people whose skills and confidence develop, and whose passion for changing the world is truly ignited. Fast forward to summer 2021, I applied to join Raleigh’s Trustee Board, where I can once again volunteer my skills, albeit in another more strategic way, to ensure the organisation thrives and has the resources it needs to continue pursuing its mission and growing its impact.

A thorough induction and a welcoming and diverse board helped myself and 3 other new trustees (all female, all under the age of 32) quickly settle into our roles and start contributing. Proving that really anyone can become a trustee, and from my positive experience so far, I’d definitely recommend it!

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