5-minute guides for charity trustees

Refresh your knowledge

Whether you’re an experienced trustee or new to the role, the Charity Commission’s 5-minute guides are a handy way to help you be sure of your responsibilities and confident you’re doing the right thing for your charity.

The guides offer a ‘core syllabus’ covering the basics of charity governance that all trustees should be familiar with.

Charity Purposes and Rules: Compass image

Delivering purpose
Be sure that the activities of your charity help to deliver it’s purpose and comply with it’s governing document and the law.

Making decisions.

Making decisions
How do you make decisions? As trustees, you need to work together to make the best decisions you can for your charity.

Managing charity finances.

Managing finances
Not all of us have a head for figures, but all trustees have responsibility for ensuring the charity’s money is safe, properly used and accounted for.

Managing conflicts of interest.

Managing conflicts of interest
How would you identify and manage a conflict of interest? As a trustee you must make decisions based only on what’s best for your charity.

Reporting information.

Reporting information
Find out what charities in England and Wales must send to the Commission and the support available to help you get things right.

Safeguarding people.

Safeguarding people
Is your charity keeping everyone protected? Safeguarding applies to every charity, not just those dealing with children and adults at risk.

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Or watch the Charity Commission’s series of short videos

Bringing the key messages in the 5-minute guides to life.